Kvant Lasers 

  • ClubMax
    Kvant Clubmax - A true classic...


    The Kvant ClubMax series is a cost effective and low maintenance laser display system with good beam properties and sophisticated design that for sure will please your audience, whilst saving you time and money. Its robust and sturdy design makes it an ideal laser system for permanent installations and hire.

  • BurstBerry
    Kvant BurstBerry - Modular without limitations...
  • Atom

    The Kvant Atom series can be found where price and performance needs to be in perfect balance. All models have the Pangolin FB4 controller build inside. These robust systems are build to last and are suitable for touring as well as hire.

  • BeamBrush
    Kvant BeamBrush - An exciting fuzzy dimension...
  • LogoLas
    Kvant LogoLas - Shines in outdoor envoirements...


    Kvant Logolas is a versatile, simple to use and inexpensive solution for outdoor laser advertising. The full colour laser system is enclosed in IP65 rated casing.
    Get your message out there! Neon-like laser text and graphics will catch people’s attention and get you noticed.

  • Spectrum
    Kvant Spectrum - A trusty workhorse...


    The long time classics - Kvant Spectrum series. Waterproof with IP65 rating and excellent beam properties based on the Coherent OPSL Taipan and KVANT's mastered semiconductor diode laser modules. These robust systems are build to last and are suitable for touring as well as bigger outdoor events.

  • Epic
    Kvant Epic - Release the power...
  • Kvant Accessories
    Kvant Accessories

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